Why is this green?

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Why is this green?

Post by clarecollins »

Just started to use Helicon for real having bought my licence. My firest attempt to focus stack with TIFF worked just fine but I really wanted to get a DNGresult. So ran Helicon again set to export to DNG and the background came out bright green!

please can you explain what is going on
I am attaching exports of the first orginal image in the stack, the TIFF and the DNG
_TC64754 (B,Radius4,Smoothing4).jpg
(302.83 KiB) Not downloaded yet
_TC64737 (B,Radius4,Smoothing4).jpg
(212.14 KiB) Not downloaded yet
(184.45 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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Re: Why is this green?

Post by Catherine »

Could you please upload the entire stack to any file storage service and send us the link, or upload it to http://office.heliconsoft.com/cloud/ind ... i8a2L8Zawn

We'll be happy to take a closer look at it and identity what is causing this.

Thank you.
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