Moving the picture by holding the spacebar

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Moving the picture by holding the spacebar

Post by chris77 »

Hello, if I want to move the picture with the mouse while editing in 50% enlargement and press the space bar, the picture moves several times that of what my mouse moves, that makes me totally confused, please change that in the next version, i think i'm not the only one who is confused.

Another concern is keyboard shortcuts, please do more here and preferably do the same as in photoshop, zooming the brush, dial through source images with the arrow keys, I miss this so much. Close the individual issues with ctrl + w / cmd + w.

I hope that some things can be implemented here, that would bring the operation of the program to a new, more user-friendly level.

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Re: Moving the picture by holding the spacebar

Post by Catherine »

Hello Chris,
1. Go to the Helicon Focus preferences - Interface, and set the "Mouse dragging speed" to 100%. This will mouse acceleration off.
2. Dial through source images: Page Up / Page Down keys
3. Changing the brush: [ and ] (same as Photoshop).

What do you mean by zooming the brush, changing its radius?

And what exactly do you want to close? You can remove an individual result (right click - Remove output), or you can remove the source files (menu - File - Remove all images). There are no multiple documents per se that could be closed with Ctrl + W.
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