DNG import back into Lightroom distorted?

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DNG import back into Lightroom distorted?

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I just downloaded a trial version of Helicon Focus v 7.6.6 and I am using in conjunction with Lightroom Classic v 10.1.1 and Camera Raw 13.1

Having figured out the raw-in-dng-out workflow with Lightroom everything seems to work absolutely fine until I save the rendered file as a DNG which is then imported back into Lightroom. The resulting image viewed in Lightroom is distorted, like a strange barrel distortion. The image viewed in Helicon Focus looks fine and viewed in windows explorer and fast raw viewer the image looks fine. The distortion replicates when opening the DNG file in Photoshop via camera raw. This looks like it maybe a camera raw issue, has any one come across this and know of a fix?
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Re: DNG import back into Lightroom distorted?

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How does the image look if you open this saved DNG file in Helicon Focus again as an input image?
Could it be some kind of editing you have applied in LR or Photoshop that has been saved to, for example, XMP sidecar file? Those edits will only be visible to Adobe software, and they're not part of the image data itself. If you have made such adjustments to the original source images, these adjustments could be applied automatically to the resulting DNG as well.
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