CSV for batch process

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CSV for batch process

Post by cworf »

It would be awesome if I could use a spreadsheet to programmatically generate the parameters of a batch process. this would help greatly in creating unique stacks of images in orders not available in the "split" functionality, for example, have a stack of 500 images, and I want to generate 15 image stacks, each offset by one. like so:
frame 1 - frame 15
frame 2 - frame 16
frame 3 - frame 17
etc etc etc

unless im missing something, I actually have to go in and manually enter these into the batch processor which will take ages. if I could use a csv file, I would be able to programmatically generate these parameters in a minute or less.

do you suppose this is a good idea for a feature of the program?
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Re: CSV for batch process

Post by Catherine »

Thank you for your improvement suggestion. Could you please describe a use case for this functionality?
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Re: CSV for batch process

Post by umbel »

Catherine wrote: 22.02.2021 10:29Could you please describe a use case for this functionality?
Hi Catherine, this a request for what's also called substacking, subslabbing, or just slabbing. Zerene has had support for quite some time, and while the Zerene documentation is somewhat terse, it does mention some basic use cases. As I understand it the technique was originally developed for reducing depth selection errors among insect hairs but it has since found various other use so @cworf may have something quite different in mind. There's a fair amount of discussion at photomacrography.net.

As another example, I use slabbing for combining multiple stacks for extending depth of field. It's currently beyond Helicon's batch capability and is therefore a manual process involving toggling alignment settings on and off. It's why I asked about the tab ordering in the alignment dialog a while back.

I would suggest that, at the moment, the single most obvious slabbing limitation Helicon has with respect to Zerene is that the split stack dialog under the batch process dialog has no option for the amount of overlap between slabs it generates. However, I'm pretty sure that if Helicon did have such an option it would have a hard time maintaining a consistent alignment between slabs due to the current cluster of defects around Helicon's project design.
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