Returning to CapOne after Render

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Returning to CapOne after Render

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Brand new to this. Am very impressed with this software. I am using a Fuji GFX 100s to make sets of focus stacked images. I load them in to CapOne Pro and use the plugin to edit the set of images in one focus stack with Image:EditWith:Stack in Helicon Focus. It transfers the images to Helicon Focus all fine...

Then I do a Render, and whatever else I need, no problem there. Then I want to save it and go back in to CapOne Pro. I can save it (not sure what file type I should use for saving, would love some help there) and if I have saved it into one of the session folders it shows up in CapOne. However, CapOne has a "Activities" dialog up with a HeliconSoft Icon that says "Preparing to Start".

Am I missing a Step? Should I just ignore that dialog (close it) ?


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