Focus Stacking Forest Images

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Focus Stacking Forest Images

Post by Milner »

I created some images in the forest using focus stacking for depth of field. However there was a slight breeze (wind) that caused movement of some branches/leaves. What is the best method to process these images? I tried rendering method C but that creates ghost branches and leaves. Rendering methods A & B causes a blur edge around the branches and leaves. Are there any suggestions to aligning out the movement

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Re: Focus Stacking Forest Images

Post by Catherine »

Hello Mike,

thank you for your post.

Helicon Focus tries aligning images at default alignment settings as much as possible, but sometimes misalignment is too significant. As a very general recommendation, you may try increasing adjustments values in Preferences (Menu-Edit-Preferences-Autoadjustments: Adjust vertically, Adjust horizontally, Scale). Try experimenting with these values.

If you would like us to have a closer look and give more accurate recommendations, please send us the stack. Please upload the images to any file storage and send us the link to, or contact our support to get a link to our storage to upload to.

Thank you.
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