Feature request; Identifying suboptimal images

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Feature request; Identifying suboptimal images

Post by Richards999 »

When doing a stack, there are times when your subject may move a bit, or even the camera moved a bit for some of the images. This has the effect of producing ghost effects in the stack.

It might be worth adding a feature where Helicon can analyse all the individual images, align them, and then flag up any images where there has been significant movement. I’m sure there must be some machine learning algorithms out there to work out where movement has occurred in an image.

This would allow you to quickly untick the offending images prior to running a stack.

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Re: Feature request; Identifying suboptimal images

Post by TheDocAUS »

Helicon already has a similar feature. If Helicon identifies an issue it will place a red triangle on the thumbnail on bottom left of screen. When you move your mouse over the triangle you see the message.

It is not directed at ghosting but misalignment of images (an issue if using the Post Focus feature on Panasonic cameras).
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