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Benchmark performance leader

Post by toldxls »

I am interested to know what hardware or techniques the current leader of the benchmark leaderboard (2043.59) has used to get such a significantly higher "score" with a RX6800xt than what many of the beefier systems are reporting. That is nearly double the next available 6800xt score (~1048) and it seems improbable that the hardware used (24 threads is all we know..) could beat a 3090! Afaik, Helicon does not support SLI with OpenCl.

Did you use a Ram disk with extremely fast memory, and a very highly overclocked GPU/CPU on liquid nitrogen? Perhaps the leader will never see this message, or be willing to divulge their secret, but to get such a nice performance gain for 1/2-1/3 the price of a 3090 right now, you are certainly doing something better than the rest of us.. :D
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Re: Benchmark performance leader

Post by Catherine »

That result does seem outstanding. If the person who submitted this result is reading this, we would certainly love to hear more about how it was achieved.
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