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Moving Helicon Focus to another computer

Posted: 30.12.2008 15:41
by vjbelle
Your program only allows the activation of Helicon Focus - not the DEACTIVATION. How is the program moved to another computer without using another activation.


Posted: 15.01.2009 14:04
by Dan Kozub

By default you can activate the program 4 times after purchase. More keys are added every 6 months for the case of hardware update. If you need more keys please contact our support, it is no problem to issue more keys for you.

Posted: 18.01.2009 17:06
by vjbelle
Thank you for clarifying.

My concern is that I have already activated two of the keys just using the software on one computer - one key for the Mac side and the other key for the Windows/bootcamp side. I wanted to see if the software had a bias for a particular operating system. It does work smoother on the Windows side.


Posted: 19.01.2009 16:32
by Dan Kozub
No problem. BTW, have you tried the latest 4.0 version for Mac?

Same key for windows and mac versions?

Posted: 25.03.2009 00:59
by Guest
I have been trialling this program and find it excellent. At the moment I am using the Mac version 4.0.1 but there may be times when I need to use the windows version on my other machine. Do I need two registrations?

Posted: 25.03.2009 18:19
by Dan Kozub
No, the same activation code will work fro both machines.

Posted: 27.03.2009 02:54
by mgjefferies
Many thanks for the clarification.