Problems with 40Mb raw files from Phase One back

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Problems with 40Mb raw files from Phase One back

Post by JMan » 25.01.2009 00:11

I am attempting to use Helicon Pro 4.62.2 with 7240 x 5433 16 bit ProPhoto images from a Phase One digital back. The Phase One raw format is .tif

1) HF does not seem to recognize this raw format. It displays the images using the image thumbnails extracted from each file

2) If I convert the Phase One raw tif file into DNG format with the original raw imbedded, HF appears to read and display the raw data. However, when I Run on those files I get two errors in succession:

a) HF reports that the Adobe Raw/DNG converter has failed. If I tell it to go ahead and use it's internal converter, I get this error

b) "The current and first files do not have the same dimensions." I know they are the same because the file info that HF reports at the top of the window is the same 7240 x 5433 for all files. If you tell HF to ignore this particular file, it simply fails again on subsequent files.

3) If I convert the raw files to a Photoshop TIF, HF reports that it can't load the source images.

4) If I convert the raw files to a JPGs at max quality HF can read and process the files. Unfortunately with the jpg compression (even at the 10 setting) I lose both detail and bit depth (16->8 bits)

Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround?

By the way, I have no problem processing 21Mb raw files from a Canon 1DsM3.

Thank you.


Dan Kozub
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Post by Dan Kozub » 27.01.2009 13:33


Please contact me via email (dankozub at or via Privite message on this forum. I will give you a link to the latest beta which can handle big files much better. I would also appreciate if you upload one of your RAW files to our server ( so we can test it.

Phil Indeblanc
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files support

Post by Phil Indeblanc » 08.04.2009 18:26

Hi Dan, I am also having issues with Phase One file size tiff's. They are not Raw. They are already processed. So perhaps it is a size issue as you mention. I have been resorting to JPEG's. if you could send me the beta update also please.

thank you

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