New user needs HELP!

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New user needs HELP!

Post by Angel » 25.02.2009 01:32

I downloaded the Helicon Focus a few days ago and had some problems right away. I decided to come back to it when I had more time to figure it out. The same problem keeps happening and I have searched the topics for a solution and have tried upload the program again.

I am able to open the program. I am able to add the jpeg files. But as soon as I click on the "RUN" tab, a bunch of error windows pop up.
"Cannot open file mapping object"
"Failed to map the file into the memory" - this one pops up several times
"Internal error! Cannot process current images"

I would love some help with this.

Dan Kozub
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Post by Dan Kozub » 26.02.2009 13:24


Please disable "64 bit server" option in the preferences and let me know about your system and sequrity settings (UAC, antivirus, etc.) so we can pinpoint the bug.


Post by Angel » 27.02.2009 20:09

Changing the preferences helped. Thank you so much for your help. I hate it when it's something so simple! :oops:

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