Worse image quality upgrading from 4.2x to 4.6x

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Worse image quality upgrading from 4.2x to 4.6x

Post by Fer » 05.03.2009 14:58

I was using an oldish Helicon Focus Lite, Windows version (I registered in 2007; I think it was about 4.2x) and results were OK; I mainly use Helicon Focus to get max DOF in near-field pictures (say 2.0m to 15m, 50mm lens).
My typical stacks required settings along the lines of Radius = 3, Smooth = 4 for best results.

Past week I upgraded to the latest version, which was 4.62.

Now I just can't get satisfying results anymore: the same image stack and parameters which worked OK in the past now render a picture where nearest objects are soft (farther objects are OK as before, maybe even a touch sharper).
I also tried playing with different values of Radius and Smoothing, with no success.
I also tried 4.70 beta, same thing.

Did you change something in the way you render the nearest objects, during last 1.5 years? Is there something I could try?



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