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Command Line Mode - help

Post by edeis » 02.04.2009 22:31


I making some scripts to process a whole bunch of focus blended images. I would like to use HeliconFocus in command line mode.

I cannot get it to process specific files, it only seems to want to process all of the images in a directory.

How can I tell it to focus stack certain images?

Here's what I've tried
HeliconFocus.exe -mp:0 -rp:8 -sp:4 -silent "C:\Documents and Settings\Eric\Desktop\focus-blend-test\_MG_2006.tif" "C:\Documents and Settings\Eric\Desktop\focus-blend-test\_MG_2007.tif" -save:"C:\Documents and Settings\Eric\Desktop\focus-blend-test\_MG_heliconfused.tif"

It runs, and saves the file, but process all of the files in the directory into one stack. Help?

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