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Helicon Focus Rotates Images 90 Degrees

Posted: 24.04.2009 04:20
by MitchellWB
I used H. Focus for the first time today. I loaded and processed 2 sets of 5 images, from a Sinar 75Lv back. Although images were fine in the Finder and later downloaded to LightRoom, they were all rotated 90 degrees, from landscape to portrait on their side by H. Focus.

I don't see any way in H. Focus to rotate them back.

How do I stop this from happening?

Thanks for any help.



Posted: 18.05.2009 11:46
by Dan Kozub

Sorry for the delay, your message was not marked as new and I discovered it only now.

Helicon Focus might autorotate image if there is EXIF information about camera orientation. I would appreciate if you send me one file for tests (