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Resolution of Output Image

Posted: 23.05.2009 07:06
by JackCane
Where does one specify output resolution? My output file is set to 72 dpi by default.

Posted: 29.05.2009 06:53
by paddler
I'd like that feature as well. I absolutely love Helicon Focus but it would be great if I could set it to output at 16-bit depth for my Photoshop files.

Posted: 02.06.2009 10:00
by Dan Kozub
ok, will be added :)

Posted: 03.06.2009 10:15
by paddler
Very cool, thanks Dan. The ability to set bit depth and dpi would be very helpful.

300 dpi?

Posted: 28.08.2009 21:27
by hajowolf

how can I get an output resolution of 300 dpi?

I'm stil on 3.91 on Mac OS 10.5.8