Is anybody from Helicon reading this forum?

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Warren Sarle
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Is anybody from Helicon reading this forum?

Post by Warren Sarle » 14.07.2009 01:50

Judging from the amount of spam and lack of replies to the legitimate
posts, Helicon has little interest in customer support.


Post by Guest » 15.07.2009 02:09

Actually this is a forum for users, although it would be nice to hear from the software writers more often. You can send an email to the help desk directly if you want a specific reply. I think they give preference to people who have purchased Helicon.
I agree the spam is annoying and the senders should be strung up.

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Post by paddler » 19.07.2009 06:41

I couldn't disagree more that Helicon isn't supportive. I've seen Dan Kozub posting and replying in here quite often and he has always answered my e-mails. In fact, HeliconSoft, and Dan, have provided the best software support, through this forum and by e-mail, of any company I've ever purchased software from. Plus, they update their product regularly and provide free updates virtually forever. Hard to beat that.

You don't say what you're asking about or how long you've had to wait but I counsel patience. You seem pretty quick to condemn a small company that is, in my opinion, outperforming the majors in that regard regularly and doing it with a superior product.

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Post by JonS » 05.08.2009 22:41

I couldn't disagree more that Helicon isn't supportive
My thoughts entirely. The number of posts where I see Dan saying 'mail me the photos and I will have a look and respond' - or words to that effect, is an indication of the level of support.

Try getting that out of Adobe, even when you have paid more than the GDP of a small country for their product

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