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RAW Question/Problem

Post by asislen » 20.07.2009 18:48

I am trying to use Helicon Focus on Nikon D3x RAW files. When I try to process them, I get the error: "Adobe RAW Converter Error. Other RAW converter will be used to open current image. Disable Adobe Camera RAW?"
Can Helicon use D3x RAW images that have been processed with Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom files or do I have to use Helicon as the RAW converter?


D3X Raw support

Post by JohnH » 31.10.2009 12:28

Does - or when will - HF support D3X Raw?



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Stas Yatsenko
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Post by Stas Yatsenko » 02.11.2009 15:11

The latest Helicon Focus 5.0 includes the most recent Adobe DNG converter and DCRAW, both support D3x raw files.

Alternatevely, you can use any RAW converter to make 16 bit TIFF files and then process TIFF files with Helicon Focus. Version 5 of Helicon Focus installs Lightroom plugin which can be used to call Helicon Focus from Lightroom (File->Export->Helicon Focus)

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