Downloads Vs CD hardcopy

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Downloads Vs CD hardcopy

Post by robertcolorado2009 » 17.11.2009 21:16

I hope this is not viewed as a dumb question, I am almost ready to purchase Helicon Focus, but my question is: is it possible to receive an "official" Helicon Focus CD also with the same files as the download? I have found when I buy a download, sometimes there is an error created when installing. With a CD to install from you can/may have the option to reinstall and fix any files that might have been corrupted while downloading or somewhere in the stream of receiving the download online.
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Stas Yatsenko
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Post by Stas Yatsenko » 19.11.2009 14:11

Our installation is signed so you can be sure that it is not corrupted or modified by viruses during downloading. If you need to reistall application, I would suggest to download the most recent version, we update it about every month.

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