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Helicon 3D - aspect ratio bug

Posted: 09.12.2009 19:12
by George Langford
This topic has been addressed quite some time ago with no reply:
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As a graduate metallurgist I welcome the ability of Helicon Focus to combine a stack of microscopic images into a sharply focused montage.
However, the result for a fracture surface is too confusing for easy interpretation. Helicon 3D is the solution, because it enables visualization of such surfaces. What results, within the resolution limitations of visible light, is the metallographer's dream: Color "scanning electron" micrographs !

Here's the rub: I cannot professionally use the animation or stereocopic results of Helicon 3D until it can be made to preserve the aspect ratio of the original images.

Here are some examples (Olympus SZH stereomicroscope; Olympus e-Volt E-500 camera):
1. Helicon Focus's flattened image of intergranular fracture of a piece of steel pipe; 20X: ... _S=4cb.jpg
2. Helicon 3D HTML animation of the same surface: ... mation.htm
3. Helicon Focus/3D animation of a broken toothbrush; 15X: ... mation.htm

Examples (1) and (2) were my very first efforts with this marvellously easy-to-use software. I made my job even easier by mounting a dial indicator underneath the focus mechanism of the stereomicroscope so that I could divide my stacks of images into equally spaced increments. It only takes a few minutes to obtain a stack of twenty to fifty images.

The toothbrush fracture isn't square; a judge & jury would take a dim view of this.

Hoping for a solution in SE PA,
George Langford

Re: Helicon 3D - aspect ratio bug

Posted: 10.12.2009 13:12
by Stas Yatsenko

Thanks for the feedback. We fixed this problem several days ago and the current version on our site contains this fix. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can change lighting angle in the 3D viewer to make your surface look more natural. The software lighting should come from the same angle as the actual light during shooting I suppose.