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Registrations - How Many Computers?

Posted: 19.02.2010 14:19
by pczjrh
I have a license for Helicon Pro, and would like to know how many computers it is valid for?

I really would like to install it on my microscope PC, my Desktop (for off-line processing) and my works laptop (For when I work at home).
Do I need 3 licenses to do this, or would the one be fine because I am a single user and clearly have no need to run 3 copies at the same time?
Also, my laptop runs MacOS, does the same license cover Bootcamp, since the license is tied to the MAC address (which is the same for both OS's), or would this boost the need up to 4 licenses?

Thanks for the help/clarification,

Re: Registrations - How Many Computers?

Posted: 19.02.2010 16:23
by Stas Yatsenko
You can use the software on 4 computers you are working on. You can use the same license for Mac and Windows computers in any proportion.