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keyboard shortcuts

Posted: 21.04.2010 18:06
by mymaridsRus
Dear Helicon Focus support: Adobe Photoshop has keyboard shortcuts for everything - often at least two different shortcuts. When we are retouching, it would save a lot of time if could keep our drawing hand on the stylus and tablet, and use the other hand to make the brush larger and smaller, harder, etc. Photoshop (the world's graphic standard) has a standard set of shortcuts that many of us already use, so it would be great if you could use their shortcuts for the same uses. For instance, use the square brackets to change the brush size, shift+bracket to change the brush hardness etc. Then provide a table/list of all the shortcuts and their use in you Help. Yours sincerely, a new and very impressed user!

Re: keyboard shortcuts

Posted: 22.04.2010 11:55
by Stas Yatsenko
Yes, this is a good point. There are hundreds of short cuts in Photoshop, I do not want to integrate them all. I would appreciate if you give us a list of first-priority shortcuts from your experience.