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time flies
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Retouch Question

Post by time flies » 09.05.2012 23:33

Hi. I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. I'm getting the halo affect. I've read the help file and watched the turorial but I don't understand how to get rid of the halo with Retouch. Press F9 to select. OK, then what? Do you have a step-by-step for dummies :?:

Thanks :)

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Re: Retouch Question

Post by nata » 18.05.2012 16:23

Sorry for a late reply, we didn't have a tutorial about retouching and I had to prepare it.

First of all, please try the newest version of Helicon Focus ... .3.3.2.exe
It has a new method - Pyramid method C - which almost never produces halo.

But in case you still need the retouching, I prepared a short video tutorial, please find it here.
If you still miss something, your questions are welcome.

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Re: Retouch Question

Post by remltr » 20.05.2012 04:56

Hi Nata,

Do you have a Mac version with the pyramid method C?



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