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file selection and names in batch mode

Posted: 18.09.2012 08:56
by DrD
Two suggestions for future versions of Helicon Focus (especially the batch mode):

I use Helicon Focus to make photos of many small objects. So I have to do a lot of photographs (usually 40 or 50) for each stacking (I use the Cognisys Stackshot). After I have made the photos for one stack, I rename them immediately with the name of the object (and a running number as suffix), because the objects are very similar -- I want to avoid to mix them later. When I use the batch mode, Helicon focus give a new name to the resulting image, e.g. 12-09-17_120913_M=B_R=8_S=4.jpg. So the information about the name of the object is lost and I have to rename it again. In this case I have to compare the original files with the processed files in an image viewer, to see how to rename the final stack photos.
I didn't find an option for the batch mode of Helicon Focus, to set the original file name as part of the final file name. It would be much more comfortable, if there would be an option to define a suffix or prefix for the final flile name in the batch order list. In the current version I can change the format and quality of the final image and the output directory, but not the file name itself.

I photograph a lot of objects with Stackshot within some hours. When I select the images of the several stacks then for further processing in Helicon Focus batch mode,I have to click on each file individually, transfer the stackt to the order list, delete the selection, select the images by individual clicking for the next stack, and so on. That is tedious, when you have to process hundreds of photos. I would like to have an option, where I could select the files from a simple file list, just by clicking the first image and the last one of a stack (together with the shift key), as usual in common file managers.

Re: file selection and names in batch mode

Posted: 20.09.2012 12:36
by Stas Yatsenko
Thanks for your suggestion. It is reasonable and we will surely implement it in the next versions. You are welcome to try new beta version which uses different method of file selection:

Re: file selection and names in batch mode

Posted: 20.09.2012 17:49
by DrD
I just tried the new beta version. Yes, the file selection process is well done in that version and much more comfortable than before! So I have to wait for a new final version of the program.