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OBJ export

Posted: 08.11.2012 16:00
by Pecopteris

We have been using the trial version of Helicon Focus and have been very impressed with the ability to export an OBJ file from the 3d model but for one problem:

Basically I have set the camera (5d Mk 2 and 100mm macro) to step down through the specimen in single step intervals which gives us a very nice model in Helicon 3d viewer. Usually I adjust the depth using the relief amplifier until it looks right. However this change does not carry through to the obj export and the model (viewed in Meshlab) seems to be very stretched in the Z-direction.

If it helps I can get some screenshots later, but I hope you can help,


Re: OBJ export

Posted: 11.11.2012 09:38
by Stas Yatsenko
Yes, we probably do not take into account relief amplifier when saving OBJ file. I will forward this issue to our developers to check.

Re: OBJ export

Posted: 12.11.2012 17:44
by Traceologue
You need to calibrate the Z axe since Helicon Focus has no way for knowing the interval between each step. As part of the project “Tracéologie tridimensionnelle” granted by Lascarbx ( ... D,i634.htm) the laboratory Archeovision ( has made a plugin for Meshlab which reconstructs a high resolution proportionate 3D model from the depth map produced by Helicon Focus. We are now in the phase of test. Once published, it will be available for free :D within a few months. But you can already get manually the same result in Meshab, with the obj file issued from the Helicon 3D Viewer, by using Filters/Normals,curvatures and orientation/Transform: scale. In any case, you have first to measure by yourself the interval between each shot for having the right proportion between X, Y and Z.