Scanned film stacking

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Scanned film stacking

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This is an information for all users, rather than a question. I began using HF by creating stacks of multiple (three in general) film scans with different focus from my Minolta 5400 II and Reflecta RPS 7200 filmscanners. With a rather wide smoothing it seems to perform very well with exceptional overall resolution. Only in some cases, but the issue is going essentially solved by newer versions, I had some slight misalignment (many scanned slides contain aliases at 100 lp/mm) and I experienced local difficulties in selecting and pairing the sharpest image. Good idea seems to use F9 in retouching. Any comment or suggestion?

A small thechnical question: which is the criteria used by HF to assess image sharpness? Thank you in advance.
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Re: Scanned film stacking

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Thanks for your feedback. Helicon Focus selects areas based on their local contrast. Please send us stacks which have problems with alignment (test on newer version 6) and we will do our best to fix this.
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