Duration of licence to upgrade from HF3Lite to HF4

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Duration of licence to upgrade from HF3Lite to HF4

Post by fredkahan »

I am a user of Helicon Pro Lite purchased at a one year fee in February 2006. I have now downloaded HF4 and am interested in your upgrade path.

Does the stated $80 upgrade price provide me with a non-expiring licence to HF4, or must I first pay an additional fee to make the HF3-Lite permanent?

comments: HF4 is doing a better job with difficult subjects than HF3. The retouch option in HF4 seems to me of limited utility, since the original images in the input list made available for cloning or copying are unadjusted for the alignment and magnification adjustments made internally by the program. Am I missing something?
Dan Kozub
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Post by Dan Kozub »

Sorry for the delay, I am just back from vacation.

Yes, you need to purchase Helicon Focus (unlimited) first to be able to upgrade with this special offer.

Cloning and registration: Normally, the images are properly aligned so you can copy the area from the source image to the same place on the result. If it is not the case I would need more info.

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