Helicon Focus 4.03 released

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Dan Kozub
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Helicon Focus 4.03 released

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I am glad to announce the release of new versions of Helicon Focus for Windows and Mac OS X.

Helicon Focus 4.03 is released.

New features:

1. Error with Help window was fixed.
2. Multiprocessor support is now available.
Current Pro users can upgrade to Multiprocessor version for free. Send a request to our support (support@heliconfilter.com)

3. German, French, Spanish, Italian languages are now supported for interface and help files.
4. Ability to call Helicon Filter to enhance resulting image added.
5. Text functions updated. Multiline text is now available.
6. "Select every second/third image" commands added to speed up processing of very long stacks.
7. Design slightly changed.

Max OS X:

Helicon Focus Mac 3.50 release version is now available. Only small fixes comparing to 3.50 beta were made.

Download links:

Please remember that your feedback is very important. We implement the features you are asking about so let us know about your wishes.

I am thinking about adding the possibility to create video files from the stack images for presentation purposes in the future versions.

Our supporters (support@heliconfilter.com, http://support.heliconfilter.com/) and me personally (dankozub@helicon.com.ua) are ready to help you if you need assistance.

Best regards,

Danylo Kozub
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