Suggestion: Undo on Retouch Tool

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Suggestion: Undo on Retouch Tool

Post by TomMeeks »

This is a terrific product. Any suggestions I make are in the spirit of making it a nearly perfect one.

I realize that the 'Copy' tool is new to this version so it can't be expected to be fully mature. But, the lack of an 'Undo' at various stages is more than a little frustrating.

The type of 'Undo' that I appreciate most in paint programs using 'clone' etc. is to treat each continuous 'mouse-down' operation as a separate event. So if I clone for a while and then lift my mouse button that state is saved at that point and a new session begins when I re-press the mouse button and continue. Photoshop and Ulead's PhotoImpact work in this fashion.

In HeliconFocus I would be content if just changing the source image save changes to that point so that copying done with the newly selected source image can be undone without going clear back to the start of the entire retouch process.

I know we can do this manually; but, it would be far better if this were part of the product.
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