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Would be very interested in 'movie' mode

Posted: 25.09.2006 15:25
by TomMeeks
I think that I read where you may include a functionality that would allow a person to show the stacked images as a looping movie, like that on your web site, in a future version. (If it's already there and I missed it, I apologize.)

This would be very valuable, particularly if optional formats were available like Animated GIF, FLASH (normal and/or VR) or Quicktime VR.

At some level, particularly with microscope images, the stacked images are a bit like a cat-scan permitting us to view particular 'layers' or features hilighted by focus. We have to create the stack to generate a Helicon Focus image, so why not put them to some additonal use. :)

With the brain power behind this product I'm confident that Helicon could pull this off in beautiful fashion. :)

Played with Quicktime and definitely see the value of Movie

Posted: 25.09.2006 15:42
by TomMeeks
I have played with the concept a bit since my first post, using previously shot stacks and confirmed that it could be a very useful capability.

But, I like your interface better if it were interactive. The little marker above the flower and mineral images on your Helicon would be a VERY useful additonal if you simply added a left arrow and a right arrow to interactively move through the stack.

It may be even MORE impressive when there is even less DOF per image.

The problem with Quicktime and Flash, etc. is that their system throws away so much detail. I'd rather have the option of a being able to control the trade-off between detail, size and performance.

Posted: 25.09.2006 17:54
by Dan Kozub

We plan to include similar option in the future versions. I think the simplest way is to generate avi file based on the set of jpeg images.
This ensures compatability with amost all systems.
Another option is flash movie with controls.

Or it can be an exe file with embedded images and player.

I used Quicktime Object VR

Posted: 25.09.2006 20:14
by TomMeeks
My tests were done with QuickTime Object VR software. And, I can use Stop MotionMaker ( to create an AVI from individual images when I don't need interactivity.

I do like the way you show the layers in the sample images on the home page with the moving bar that indicates the current slide on the stack.

You've done a great job with Helicon Focus. As soon as the new Zigview S2 that I've ordered is delivered you'll see some better tests from me and a lot more opportunities to let others know about Helicon Focus on the photo web sites.

In the meantime, I'd better go ahead and buy the Pro version since my trial is about to expire! :)

Posted: 25.09.2006 20:22
by Dan Kozub

Buy a Lite version and I will give you a Pro : )

I appreciate your suggestion, test and active participation very much.


That's wonderful!

Posted: 25.09.2006 23:39
by TomMeeks
WOW! :shock:

Done! :D


This is a great tool!

Posted: 26.09.2006 08:13
by Dan Kozub

I've upgraded your license. Instructions about how to register the program you received in the purchase notification mail. Let me know if you need assistance.