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Sluggish startupdue to thumbnail generation

Posted: 03.12.2006 19:36
by fredkahan
Hello Dan

In working up a folder containing a large number of NEF and JPG images I was troubled today by the very sluggish behaviour of 4.03, and was almost about to reinstall an earlier version! I soon recognized that the problem was due to obligatory creation of thumbnails as a background process.

I personally do not find the right-hand folder panel in Version 4, with its icon views (even of the folder contents!) at all useful, since I load up my image queue from a directory list following Ctrl-O rather than by dragging from the right hand panel.

Is there some way to specify in preferences that the right hand panel and its background processes be disabled?

Posted: 04.12.2006 10:12
by Dan Kozub
Sorry, there is no way to disable the navigation bar.

I understand your concerns, we will try to optimize it somehow or add an option to disable it. Good news is that the thumbnails are created only once.