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Incorrect Email

Posted: 22.12.2006 03:58
by Dale
In buying a one year licence for Helicon focus, I incorrecty entered my e-mail address. I have never resieved the product key, and can not use the product without the water marks. I have E-mailed the company several times with no response, which has become frustrating beond words. Also the phone numbers given on the site don't work. I have a copy or my receit with all the information. If anyone has any idea how to contact them or act on the situation, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

Posted: 26.12.2006 22:31
by Ariel
Dale, don't worry about it.

I know Dan to be extremely helpful and responsive. He was out of town a couple weeks back for a while, and now he is probably busy with the holidays. Just check out the past posts by Dan. He was much more active in the forums two months ago than he was in the past month, and I'm sure when the holidays are over he'll be back to help you. (Sure he was posting a week ago, but before that he wasn't for a while and he hasn't been around for a few days.)

So, just be patient, wait a couple weeks, and see if I responds to this thread or your emails. By the way, I have one email address which doesn't seem to get through to Helicon but another one does. Maybe you should try emailing using a different address.

I'm SURE he'll help you soon. Don't worry. :wink:

Posted: 27.12.2006 21:07
by Dan Kozub
I've checked this case, our supporter already sent registration information to the right email.

Dale, please contact me again if you did not get it. Email is not reliable any more.

Posted: 07.01.2007 06:07
by Ariel
Well, you wouldn't have to worry about setting your anti-spam settings so high if you wouldn't put your complete email address online, as this is one of the main ways spammers get address. Maybe if you make new address, you could write the address as an image file and allow people to contact you through email forms.