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Newbe quesstion

Posted: 04.08.2014 04:54
by Shayne
With the focus software do I have to tether or can I use the software without tethering the shots? There will be times that I won't want to use tethering.

Re: Newbe quesstion

Posted: 06.08.2014 10:49
by Stas Yatsenko
You can shoot manually, no big difference. Automated focus bracketing with Helicon Remote is just more reliable and faster way to prepare stacks.

Re: Newbe quesstion

Posted: 04.09.2014 22:12
by Shayne
Thanks for the reply. I really like the idea of being able to tether however there will be times that I don' want to bother with the other equipment that it takes to do so. So If I understand you correctly I can use the focus and be able to take shots on my own and enter them into the software at a later date?

I really want to try this out. Do you have any type of trail before you buy situation. If so could you be so kind to forward me the link.

Thank you for all of your help.

Shayne Sabala.

Re: Newbe quesstion

Posted: 08.09.2014 01:18
by MikeCT

I do manual shots on a microscope, since I cannot drive the focussing. The stacks come out fine, be sure to make each step small enough that the focussed areas overlap.