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Helicon Focus

Post by rpellard » 27.08.2014 22:59

I posted my last comment to the wrong section of the board (Filter) - what a newby - sorry....

I am new to Focus Stacking and am considering options re software. Helicon vs Zerene (already found that Photoshop CC 2014 has issues with stacking). A big issue for me is that Helicon only saves to lossy .jpg format. It can process a number of formats but it can only save to the least preferable format (in my mind). I have read that Helicon deals with halo better and so the choice is not easy.

Is there a way to save to .tif or .dng? Is it an upcoming update?

Thanks. :)

Stewart g
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Re: Helicon Focus

Post by Stewart g » 29.08.2014 19:51

In the lower part of the "save" popup you should see a drop down options for saving to tiff, both with and without compression.

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