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HF freezes after save

Posted: 27.03.2007 16:51
by Vladimir Blagoderov
I am using Helicon Focus 4.10 on WindowsXP machine. Each time I save resulting image the program stops to respond and I have to close it and start again. I never experienced that with HF 3. Does anybody encountered this problem?



Posted: 31.03.2007 03:30
by Ariel
I didn't notice this.

Same freeze after save

Posted: 03.04.2007 00:19
by Fred Kahan
With HF Pro 4.10 I have the same freeze problem. After saving, I can only clear the input list from the menu. When I try to clear the output file I get the same freeze reported above. Use of the side action icons has the same freezing effect. The program must be restarted.

Further details on freeze

Posted: 03.04.2007 01:09
by fredkahan
I too use Windows XP Pro. My images were D200 were 3872 x 2592 JPGs.
The previous version did not show this problem.

Further observations with freeze

Posted: 03.04.2007 01:39
by fredkahan
I have now extended this finding to D200 48 bit Tiffs.
On one accasion, attempts to quit by tapping the upper right hand X, resulted in error messages. The application could only be exited from the task manager.

Posted: 03.04.2007 10:00
by Dan Kozub

We are trying to fix this bug for the last week. So success yet. We cannot reproduce the problem on our computers so we are trying to block suspicious places.

I hope that newer version will work without this problem. We will release it in a week.


Posted: 03.04.2007 17:52
by Vladimir Blagoderov
>We cannot reproduce the problem on our computers ...


What kind of information/log files do you need?

Hard to reproduce problem!

Posted: 04.04.2007 16:52
by fredkahan
This morning, I encountered the freeze problem on my first set (no problem however dismissing the program.)

However, in subsequent runs I have had no further problems! I was also unable to demonstrate the freeze with the set that I had used the previous day. I would endorse Vladimir's suggestion that you tell us what information to report back to you in the event the problem reoccurs.

Dan, I am very pleased with the images that result, regardless of the minor kluges encountered with the program.

Crashes nearly in every image

Posted: 10.04.2007 18:33
by masquerade
The last two days I was trying to build only one image without success due to the program hanging. Every time it ends an image it crashes (sometimes after saving the resulting image, and I can't retouch)

I've restarted the machine to try the same 24 times today, and the end result is the same. Even I uninstalled HF and reinstalled again.

I'm using an HP machine (Pentium IV HT with 2 GB RAM) with Windows XP Home version 2002 SP 2.

Hope the new release will solve this. I'm frustrated...


Posted: 11.04.2007 14:46
by Dan Kozub

New version will definetely handle very big files (50+ Mp) better. We optimized memory usage, so this should not be a problem.

As to hanging, I hope but not am not sure we fixed it.

Posted: 11.04.2007 20:57
by masquerade
Hi Dan,

Thank you for your reply. Can I help to fix the problem? When do you expect the new version to be available?

HF is a great program, nicely done and extremely easy to use.

Best regards


Posted: 16.04.2007 20:52
by Dan Kozub
We were able to reproduce the bug so I hope to publish fixed version tomorrow.

Posted: 17.04.2007 19:33
by Dan Kozub
4.16 version with the bug fixed is on the server

Posted: 17.04.2007 20:39
by masquerade
Thanks. I will test it again tonight.