Helicon Focus on huge scanned chromes?

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Helicon Focus on huge scanned chromes?

Post by Fer » 18.04.2007 17:05


I also shoot with a 4x5" view camera, and am DOF-challenged with many of my shots (camera movements notwithstanding).
I was wondering if Helicon Focus could help: I could take say 4-5 shots at different extensions, scan the chromes and combine them with HF.

Problem is, typical 4x5" color scans are H-U-G-E (I have access to a very high-end Creo scanner), this of course is welcome for large prints.

Which is the limit of HF in combining say 5 very large shots? Sometimes I read 30 MP, sometimes 50+?

I have a dual core Athlon PC with Windows XP 32bit and 3 GB of RAM (fully visible from Task Manager and Photoshop by the way: I used the /3G trick).



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Post by Ariel » 23.04.2007 01:33

First of all, I don't think you will need so many megapixels, but I don't think there is a limit. It may be very slow with large files, but you have a good comp.


Post by Guest » 24.04.2007 17:15

Yes, I do need all those megapixels...


Dan Kozub
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Post by Dan Kozub » 25.04.2007 14:56


Latest 4.16 version of Helicon Focus handles big files better. I've experimented with 70Mp 8 bit images on 1Gb computer. As you know each process can work only with 2G under Windows, but this should be enought for your 50+ Mp images.


Post by Guest » 26.04.2007 17:20

Thanks Dan! :)


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