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Locked output files in wondows

Posted: 08.09.2015 11:52
by Pieter

I'm using the trail version of Helicon Remote and Focus on a windows pc to see if it's the right software for us. Retouching is done on a Mac.
When I save the Focus output file, it's not accessible for other computers (mac) on the LAN. The icon in windows explorer shows a little lock but there are no files in the map if you go to it on the Mac. They can be 'unlocked' by copying the file to a new map but that's something we don't like to do.
So, why is Focus saving the images for local user only and what do I have to do to make them visible on the LAN?
I don't see anything strange in windows share settings.

Re: Locked output files in wondows

Posted: 09.09.2015 15:40
by Stas Yatsenko
I'm pretty sure it's a Windows issue and has nothing to do with Focus.
Does the file become available if you close Helicon Focus?
What's "map"?

Re: Locked output files in wondows

Posted: 20.11.2015 01:04
by RPMtl
I resolved this by creating a folder on the hard disk outside my User folders (ie: not in My Pictures) and set that as the target folder to save the HF files to. I then Shared that folder over the Network and the problem disappeared.

I hope this is of use to someone else.