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API control of Helicon Focus

Posted: 23.10.2015 09:58
by stefandiller
I am doing a lot of work mostly in Scanning Electron Microscopy and now I need to do similar stuff in micro- / macro-photography.
In SEM I am using an eight axes piezo stage to move specimen around for my nanoflights, please look at vimeo / stefan diller / smaract piezo stage feature
Now I need a possibility to add a stacker rail above this stage (I thought of Cognisys Stackshot 3x) to use with a Canon 5DSr / Tessovar setup as a first trial.

What I would like to do is:
- move from frame to frame in my own control software for the piezostage, define a lower and upper limit of depth in the Cognisys Controller maybe each 25 frames and interpolate step values in between
- send a "shoot" command from my software to Helicon Focus for the stack at each frame position
- move on to next frame position

Can you tell me if Helicon Focus functions can be called from external software?
What functions would be available?
Would you be interested to support this special nanoflight project?
To give you a more general view of what I am doing (sorry, only in German language), please search for: 3sat mediathek / stefan diller

Best wishes,

Re: API control of Helicon Focus

Posted: 27.10.2015 11:38
by Stas Yatsenko
Wow, it looks very impressive! Yes, you can call Helicon Focus from external software, search for command line mode in the help files that comes with program. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us.