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Support is keeping silent

Posted: 03.03.2016 23:21
by Uwe
Dear helicon staff,

I wrote you twice, but yyou didn't answered. I hope, that posting here is raising your attention.

I bought a one-year license and now, few days after expiring, you offered me a lifetime upgrade for 160 US$ (183 EUR). This is - you say so - a discount.

However, amazon is offering a lifetime license of Helicon Focus Pro for 110 US$ (120 EUR).

Can you give me a reason, why a "discount offer" at HeliconSoft company is 50% more expensive than buying somewhere else?
Can you instead give me same conditions for my upgrade?


Uwe Aranas

Re: Support is keeping silent

Posted: 04.03.2016 17:44
by Stas Yatsenko
This version is from our German reseller Globell, it is limited to German language and does not includes Helicon Remote.