Helicon Focus "forgets" loses registration on each

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Helicon Focus "forgets" loses registration on each

Post by Kerry » 12.06.2007 00:07

Last month, I purchased a lifetime registration key for the "lite" version of Helicon Focus. I manually entered the key (the computer on which the software is installed is not connected to the Internet) and everything seemed fine. I used the program successfully. I've been out of town for the last 2 1/2 weeks and just returned today. When I launched Helicon Focus, I got a pop up box telling me that I had the "free" version of the software. Using the registration dialog, I re-entered the key I was sent and everything seemed fine; the screen header correctly displayed my name and noted that this was the "lite" version of the program. I closed the program and re-launched it...and was told again that I was using the "free" version of the software. This happens each time I close the program and relaunch it. I can enter the registration key each time and have access to the "lite" version of the software, but, quite frankly, this is a pain and it's clearly not the way this process is supposed to work.

Is there a solution I can implement to eliminate this annoyance?


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Post by Ariel » 12.06.2007 00:26

I've never heard of this... I'm sure Dan will be around soon and fix everything.

Dan Kozub
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Post by Dan Kozub » 12.06.2007 13:56


I think we had similar problem in some older versions of Helicon Focus and already fixed it. Please install the latest 4.16 and let me know if this helps.



Post by Kerry » 12.06.2007 17:45

Installed 4.16 and that appears to have solved the problem.

Thanks, Dan.


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