questions about RAW in DNG?

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questions about RAW in DNG?

Post by mike_mccue » 07.06.2016 18:34

Hi, I have several questions about the "RAW in DNG out" processing. It seems as if there are new choices and preferences that have been added while I was using an older version of Helicon.

1) RAW development settings>Color Space: Does this apply to previews or output? Does it apply to DNG output or only TIFF or JPEG output? I usually employ Adobe Camera RAW to convert my Canon CR2 files or Helicon DNG files to .PSD or .TiFF as 16bit Pro Photo RGB files.

Considering that I will never use Helicon to convert the .CR2 to TIFF or JPEG can I just ignore this choice?

I think I recall that Helicon does actually convert to 16bit TIFF in a cache folder before making the render. If that is still the case it seems as if I should set my color space to Pro Photo RGB in Helicon as I intend to work in Pro Photo RGB further along the workflow. Yes? No? Maybe?

2) I am using the "RAW in DNG loader" codec, so I do not see the extra choices available with the "built in dcraw loader" codec, but I am wondering how any of this applies to save as DNG output. It seems as if it will only apply to
previews and save as TIFF or save as JPEG output. Is that correct? As someone who primarily uses Helicon to output DNG files for further processing in a RAW converter can I just ignore these preference choices?

Thank you!!! :-)

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Re: questions about RAW in DNG?

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 08.06.2016 15:44

1. It's the color profile that the raw data will be converted to. It's an attribute of the raw decoding process so it applies to preview as well as the actual image. It makes sense to pick the profile you're going to use later to avoid extra conversions, although it's probably not a big deal.

2. The Adobe DNG converter simply has no settings so there are no choices to make.

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