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Trouble with -i parameter in CMD line mode

Posted: 16.08.2016 04:55
by sheimend
I've built a few scripts to help with my massive batch processing of image stacks using the command line mode of Helicon. It's a lifesaver! As soon as I've added a little extra validation to my scripts, I'd be happy to share them with the community.

I'm having trouble with the "-i" parameter. My understanding is that, if I don't want to stack an entire folder, I can create a text file where each line is a file name and pass this file to HeliconFocus.exe with the -i parameter.

My PowerShell script builds a text file with the input file names on each line. (I can't seem to attach my txt file to this post, but) The file contents are:

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E:\My Projects\Sequential\file-0001.CR2
E:\My Projects\Sequential\file-1201.CR2
E:\My Projects\Sequential\file-2401.CR2
I'm saving this file as E:\temp.txt. I've ensured that the file is being written correctly and is closed and available for reading.

I'm calling Helicon using the following syntax:

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E:\Program Files\Helicon Software\Helicon Focus 6\HeliconFocus.exe -silent -i "E:\temp.txt" -save:"E:\My Projects\Stacked\filename.dng" -mp:0
But, when I do, I get a Helicon Focus dialog warning box that says, "No source files found at path: E:\temp.txt".

I've tried putting quotes around the file names in my text file, I've tried putting them all on one line with a "\n" between them, but I always get the same error.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks so much in advance for your help!

Re: Trouble with -i parameter in CMD line mode

Posted: 16.08.2016 16:37
by Stas Yatsenko
At the moment, "-i" cannot be combined with "-silent". In other words, you can only specify folders in the command line mode, not lists of files.
We're looking into it.

Re: Trouble with -i parameter in CMD line mode

Posted: 16.08.2016 17:13
by sheimend
Thanks very much for the quick response. Unfortunately, my scenario requires the "-silent" mode, so I suppose I'll need to continue pre-grouping my shots by folder for now. I'd love to be able to pass in file names directly, or via a text file with the -i parameter so I can programatically create variations of stacking sequences.

Thanks, as always, for your timely reply and for your help! Fingers crossed that this option makes it into an upcoming build!

Re: Trouble with -i parameter in CMD line mode

Posted: 17.08.2016 19:58
by Stas Yatsenko
Try this experimental build with -I support in silent mode: ... DZiSmtoS28