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Problems with eliminating halos

Posted: 31.07.2007 05:49
by mullinsj
I recently tried the 30-day download of Helicon Focus and was excited about its ability to combine several images to give greater depth of field. However, when I tried to use the retouching brush on composites generated either from NEF or DNG 16-bit files, I ran into a problem. The retouching brush applied the information from the selected original frame onto the composite, but was doing so with the information rotated 180 degrees from its original position (i.e., upside down). I reported this to Helicon. As a consequence of this problem I purchased the Lite version of Focus, rather than the Pro version.

I am curious as to whether others have experienced this problem, which I would expect might have a relatively simple fix in the software.

Posted: 31.07.2007 13:12
by Dan Kozub
Yes, we already fixed this bug and we will release new version withing a week.

Posted: 01.08.2007 05:28
by mullinsj
Will it be possible to download the new version as a 30-day trial again to try out the retouching tool, despite the fact that I already have Focus Lite installed on my computer? I'm unsure of how downloads are limited, and whether there might be problems trying to have Lite and the new trial version simultaneously installed.


Posted: 01.08.2007 14:49
by Dan Kozub
Please request temporary key or install the program on new computer when the next version is published.