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Posted: 12.08.2007 18:21
by mopsz
(Sorry i speak no english)
If I register Helicon Focus for 1 year, the Program still works after that
or then I must register the programme newly for a year in turn?


Posted: 13.08.2007 07:41
by Ariel
If you register Helicon Focus for 1 year, the program will work for 1 year only. You need to buy and register it again every year, or just buy an unlimited license.


Posted: 13.08.2007 23:30
by Dennis
I registered Focus for 1 year thinking that it meant that updates are for 1 year only. I saw this "unlimited license (all updates are free )" thinking the 1 year license, meant updates are good for 1 year after purchase but the program will still be functional after that time.


Posted: 14.08.2007 00:20
by Ariel
Dennis, that seems to be a common problem. I think there was a nasty post here once because of that.

However, I don't know what part of "one year license (valid during one year after purchase)" would make you think that has anything to do with updates. I guess it is the neighboring column which gives that notion, so the wording should be changed, I guess.

Anyhow, minor updates (not major full version upgrades, like version 4.x to 5.x) are free during the year you can use the license. The one year license is a license which runs version 4.x during a one year period. You can update it during that year or after, but the license only applies to version 4.x and for one year.

The unlimited license means that all future major versions (4.x, 5.x, 6.x) will work with no time limit.

Posted: 14.08.2007 00:39
by Dennis
Thanks Ariel

Maybe a little clarification on you web page might help
I just glanced at it without thinking it through.
I own a lot of different software programs and never have run across one that has a time limit on it till yours.
By the way great piece of software I'll re-register it again after a year.

Posted: 14.08.2007 00:55
by Ariel
Dan is the one who takes care of everything. If he sees this thread, or you email him, you can tell him.

Some programs, like anti-virus software, does have a time-limit. And I suppose the purpose here is so that people can use it for a year (if that is what they expect to need) without paying so much. But I agree: it is unusual and I don't think it is necessary. The two options should be just version 4.x for unlimited time or version 4.x - X.x for unlimited time.

I believe you can take the money of your original purchase and put that towards an unlimited license, you know.

Posted: 15.08.2007 14:29
by Dan Kozub
Hello Dennis,

You can pay the difference between licenses and we will upgrade you to the license you want.