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Something Cool About HF

Posted: 29.11.2017 23:19
by NewtonW
I am a new user, so this may be old hat to some. I was shooting a very small moth in my hall. This thing was only 1/2 inch from wing tip to wing tip. I was using a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L IS USM macro lens with only a 60 watt ceiling light (crazy huh?). Anyway, I shot two 6 shot stacks, one from nose to tail and one from wing tip to wing tip to make a cross. I did this because the moth was tilted and one wing was closer to the wall than the other. Neither stack would get the whole moth in focus. I ran both stacks through HF, and viola, I got my shot. Now, what was really cool was I changed my shutter speed and ISO for each set of stacks. Probably not the best idea, but that is what happened. 1/30th/ISO 5000 and 1/15th/ISO 1000, f/3.x on both stacks, f/3 to f/11 seem to be the sweet spot for this lens. Probably close enough not to change the exposure that drastically. I think this is pretty cool.

Newton "Andy"