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Fb Extension Tub

Posted: 25.01.2018 12:20
by bill_conway09
Is the extension tube only for macro photography?
I focus stack my landscape photography so I wondered if I could use the tube for this.


Re: Fb Extension Tub

Posted: 26.01.2018 11:58
by Stas Yatsenko
Helicon FB Tube changes the properties of the optical system, bringing focusing points much closer. Here is the table with some figures that will give you the idea of the focusing range of some of the lenses when using an extension tube: ... distances/

As you can see, the farthest focusing point is being shifted from infinity to, for instance, 3 m for Sigma 150 mm lens and to 1 m for Nikon 105 mm lens. Most of the lens will not be able to focus at infinity any more when using extension tubes. These specifics of the operation of the optical system should be taken into account when considering using Helicon FB Tube for landscape photography.