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Post by newbie » 08.09.2007 09:36

I'm experimenting with Helicon Focus to try to merge pictures of objects acquired at different positions. I'm basically using two shots and two objects where each one is in focus in just on picture. If the camera is stable, it's ok, but even small horizontal or vertical shifts in my setup introduce noticeable parallax movement causing the Helicon image registration process to introduce errors an thus ghosting. Is this something normal?



Post by newbie » 21.09.2007 09:59


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Post by mireille » 01.10.2007 21:40

I guess this is a parrallax problem caused by the technique used
you would have to move your camera-lense on it's nodal point!

I don not know the word in english but in french it is (''pupille d'entrée)
You have to find this exact point and move your camera on this axis!

Unless your equipement allow to position properly your camera to take your vertical pano serie , you would nedd to use a head to resolve the parallax problem (panoramic head as Nodal Ninja, Panausorus, Kaiden or simply use the magic arm of Manfrotto or Bogen equivalent , or find any adapter, to properly position the camera )
The more the subject is near from the camera the more the parallax problem will show! The panorama proper techniques shoud be of a help to you! ... nodal.html

Good luck :wink:
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