sometimes results don't transfer to lightroom

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sometimes results don't transfer to lightroom

Post by natashadak » 29.07.2018 20:56

I'm using Lightroom Classic CC on a Mac Pro

I export photos to Helicon Focus from within Lightroom, Helicon Focus opens, click render, photos are stacked, click save, name the file, get a warning to exit Helicon Focus, which I do, and Lightroom reappears.

But sometimes the stacked photo does not appear in Lightroom's grid. It DOES show in Mac's Finder. If I try to import the new file from within Lightroom it is grayed out (like it's already been imported).

Exiting/reopening Lightroom is ineffective. Change view from grid to loupe -same

Eventually the file will show up - because I've done something? Don't know.

I suspect this is a Lightroom issue but am hoping the problem has been discussed here (I had no luck w/a search).


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Re: sometimes results don't transfer to lightroom

Post by el48tel » 30.07.2018 10:34

Never had that - thought I had, but it was LR playing "silly" and taking a while to 1) display the image 2) update the catalogue 3) create the thumbnail 4) display it.
Is it putting the returned image in another folder of which you are unaware? Have you tried doing a search for it ? I'm not a MAC user so don't know how it files images. The greying during IMPORT does suggest that the file is in existence and that LR has done all of its administration business. Have you tried choosing another LR folder of images then re-choosing the one in which you thought the image should appear - I find that works -- i think it's merely LR dragging its feet

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Re: sometimes results don't transfer to lightroom

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 30.07.2018 14:58

This is not a problem I ever heard of, so I don't have a solution ready, sorry. It does sound like it could be a Lightroom bug because you said it may show the imported image some time later, and I'm absolutely certain our plugin is only active during the export process so any subsequent effects cannot be attributed to the plugin.
See if there are any Lightroom updates available?

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