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Helicon Focus Uses Only Images Which Are in Focus?

Posted: 01.08.2018 14:57
by bobrickert
I photograph landscapes and I often take more images than are required to capture the entire subject in focus.
I delete the frames which are out of focus prior to running the images through Helicon Focus.
I have done some testing and it appears that if I include out of focus images (that should not be in the image stack) Helicon Focus will render all the images but will leave out any image which is completely out of focus.
For example, if I shoot 7 images and only the first two are needed to render a completely focused image, if I included the third image (which is slightly soft) Helicon ignores the 3rd soft image and only uses the two images required.
If render all 7 images in Helicon only the two in focus images are included in the final rendered image.

Am I correct?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Helicon Focus Uses Only Images Which Are in Focus?

Posted: 03.08.2018 10:18
by Stas Yatsenko
Yes, Helicon Focus tries to extract only areas which are in focus. Still, it is better to exclude out of focus image. For example, if you have bright spot in the frame, even out of focus disk may have edges of high contrast which will compete with details from other frames.