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New release of Helicon Focus?

Posted: 18.08.2018 00:56
by RedBuffalo
Is there a timetable for release of the newest version of Helicon Focus for the Mac? In this forum Stas has mentioned a beta version of HF for several months, with frequent references to private download links available on request, but no official release of a Mac update has been forthcoming for over a year. The Downloads page lists version 6.7.2 as the latest Mac version (release date May 10, 2017), but I have version 6.8.0 installed on my two Macs (download link provided long ago by Stas), and it doesn't seem to be a beta version. The latest Windows release is version 6.8.0 (release date also May 10, 2017). This is all very confusing. Is 6.7.2 or 6.8.0 the latest stable Mac release? And when can we expect release of version 7 of HF, as well as parity between the Mac and Windows versions?

Re: New release of Helicon Focus?

Posted: 20.08.2018 11:28
by Stas Yatsenko
We plan to publish both mac and win versions within two weeks.