Support for Canon Mirrorless Cameras

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Support for Canon Mirrorless Cameras

Post by cpburki » 15.09.2020 00:22

When will Helicon start supporting Cannon Mirrorless Cameras or any mirrorless camera from any manufacturer? What a bitter disappointment Helicon Soft has been with their Helicon Remote product. Please don't tell me it is not possible at this time since Kuuvik Capture supports Focus Bracketing for the Canon R and the Canon RP on both the Mac and iPad and can do it using WiFi or Tethered. Canon made their mirrorless products available in October of 2018 and here we are coming towards the close of 2020 and Helicon Soft has nothing for any mirrorless product. When Kuuvik (DIRE Studio) provides support for the new Canon R5 and Canon R6 in the next couple of months and provides Focus Bracketing at the same time as Exposure Bracketing I will request a refund from you folks for such a bitterly disappointing product. By the time you people roll out support for a product it is already out of production. There, now I vented my frustration at you so back to my original questions: When will you support Canon Mirrorless Cameras and please don't give me the song and dance of "We are working on it". Just a straight answer.

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Re: Support for Canon Mirrorless Cameras

Post by Catherine » 17.09.2020 08:34

Now we have a beta version with support of Canon EOS R, Rp, M6 Mk II, M50; Nikon Z6, Z7, Z50; Sony A7 III, A7 RIII: More cameras to be added.

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